Harper House


I.W. Harper


Strategy, Talent Management, Experience


San Francisco, Atlanta, New York City — April, October, November 2022

Harper House was conceived in partnership with I.W. Harper, as a meeting point for opportunity, access, and inspiration that brought local tastemakers and savvy creatives together in support of a well deserving community organization through the spirit of exquisite harmony.

Timed to the new product launch of Cabernet Cask Reserve Whiskey, the multi-city pop-up experience was inspired by the rich cultural history of ‘rent parties’, modernized to support savvy creatives in local communities, ultimately aiming to bridge the gap between passion and opportunity across respective industries. Through dynamic talent partnerships with Whiskey & Rosemary, Rexx Life Raj, Cam Kirk and Ghetto Gastro, each stop galvanized attendees to give back to the communities that serve them.